Hair Color: Box vs Professional

” I can use a box color and get the same results”

” I use this color on my hair and my ends get so light that it doesn’t match my roots”

” I have been coloring my own hair but now they have changed the formula and I have multiple colors in my hair”

” The box said ultra blond but my hair is now a yellow brassy color, help”

” The box said medium brown and now my hair is black”

These are just a few of the things we hear when people choose to by that little box in the grocery store or discount store and apply it on their hair. Only 10% of the people who use box color get good results. Usually those are the ones who stay with their natural hair color and are covering gray.

Retail hair color is sold as an amazing product, with celeberties or models who claim to use their product. The fact is that these celeberties or models DO NOT use the box color they are selling. They have their hair professionally colored and sometimes wigs are used. Box color tells you that all you need to do is apply this color and you will get true to color results. Once again the fact is, you will not get true color results. We have had to do many color corrections because of box color.

Professional stylist are trained extensively on color. Its not a matter of putting on a color, they have the knowledge to mix up formulas, to achieve the perfect color you are looking for. Yes box colors are cheap, and not just the price, they can be messy, and not give you what you are looking for. Work with your stylist so that you can have that perfect look and give that WOW factor. You might have to pay a little more but the results are worth every penny.