Perms…Not like grandma has

When the word “perm” is used, meaning permanent wave, many women associate it with the tight fuzzy hair grandma had or big tight curl that was in the 80’s or 90’s. Perms became a taboo in the late 90’s thanks to the Jennifer Aniston’s straight hair. Everyone wanted the straight hair again, kind of what happened in the 60’s with the ironing boards for hair. Perms then where only for little old ladies and became a taboo for the rest of the crowd. Even in the hair industry it has become a dying art. Many who started beauty school in the late 90’s or early 2000’s where taught the basics in perming but that is where their education ended.

Well perms aren’t for little old lady’s or old rocker chicks from the 80’s anymore. Many of the new styles require texture and those of us who have fine, limp, lifeless hair are unable to achieve that with out some kind of help. The art of perming is back in style. There are many different kinds of perms today for many different styles. Texture perms, body perms, natural wave perms and of course spiral perms. Its all in the wrapping. Perm solution has also come along way. ISO has a wonderful perm that works with the porosity of your hair and uses very little ammonia. This perm will leave the hair feeling soft and damage free.

A perm can enhance your style, help give you volume, and create a textured look. So if you are looking for a new style maybe consider getting a perm.