Balayage, Caps or Foils what works best for you

If your looking to enhance the natural highlights that come from the sun, balayage is for you. Balayage is a painting technique that is applied to hair using bleach, it does not saturate the whole strand of hair therefore it is primarily on top of the hair stand. The stylist works with the natural movement of your hair when applying, and she  can use a lot or a little so as to create a very natural sun kissed look. Bayalage can be used on any type of hair color and on any type of hair.

There are two different techniques when creating a heavy highlight on the hair. The first is the cap method. That is where the hair is pulled through the cap’s tiny little holes. This can be used on shorter hair and can give more of a streaky look or a soft look depending on how much you pull out. Color as well as bleach can be used with this technique. There isn’t as much control for placement of the highlight however it can give a very nice look to the hair.

Then there is a weaving or slicing method. Generally foils are used for this. The hair strand is completely saturated with product like the cap method to give a full affect. The stylist can place the highlights anywhere she wants to achieve the look she is going for. Both bleach and color or combination of the two can be used. You can get multiple dimensions to the hair. Streaks can be made large or small it just depends on the look you are going for.

All three techniques are unique and will give a great look to the hair. Whether you are looking for a subtle change or a bold change highlights are a good place to start. Usually you don’t have the demarcation like you do when color is growing out and it last longer then regular color.

The slicing method was used with just bleach

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Three different colors were used, light blond, medium brown and medium red


Balayage was used. Hair was originally a dark brown.


Hair with curl

Weaving with combination slicing. Bleach and color were used.