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Color can do so much for the hair. Its not just for covering those stubborn grays anymore. Color has a way of creating more body in the hair, and more texture. It can make dull hair have incredible shine. Have you thought about being a blond, a red head, a brunet or what about trying a little blue or pink in your hair?

Our staff here at Hair to Stay is up on the latest color trends and techniques as well as helping you keep the color you love. We offer permanent, semi permanent, and demi permanent hair colors.

We know that sometimes box colors seem to call to us and demand our attention, so we offer corrective color services too. Don’t stress we can make your hair beautiful again.

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Other Services

Haircuts & Styling

If you’re looking for a change in your style or wanting to maintain what you have, we offer a wide variety of cuts and styles that will fit you.

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Special Events

Needing a style for the prom, a formal dinner, or your wedding? Let us help make your special day better with a style that will leave them looking twice.

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Perms/Wash & Set

If you’re looking for that once a week appointment to pamper yourself, and want that style to stay we offer the best in perms, roller set, and iron curl sets.

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Men, Teens, & Children

You’ll love our family-friendly shop for men and children of all ages. Men, schedule your haircuts during lunch, or before or after work.

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